Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Xmas week

The workbase is a hive of excitement at present as the colony prepares for the Xmas holiday and the end of term. There are 13 people involved in this work base, so yes it is a bit crowded to say the least when full. Subtle and not so subtle cliques are very evident, and there is a certain amount of tension and stress caused as a result of over-dependency by some on the Queen Bee (she will be examined further at a later date). There is a definite clique of three ('the trinity') in one corner of the 'base, and a duo in another corner who are far too philosophical for their own good, they will be known as 'the Greeks' henceforth. Another looser alliance is composed of five 'solids' who meet late on a Friday afternoon to make merry and discuss the other factions.